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An event is much more than just its performers

We offer full event technical solutions – technical production services for all kinds of public and corporate events. With. 25 years in the industry we have a professional network of talente event producers, decorators, sound, light, video team with the equipment. No matter how challenging the venue can be there is always a way, a cost efficient way!

Sometimes we have offered just technical project management services for events. With the experience we can see the full Picture and eliminate potential mistakes already in the event planning phase which leaves the client less stress and more money. 

One of the biggest events we offered technical project management services was the biggest conference ever held in Estonia – JCI World Congress in autumn 2019. During a full week it brought together over 4000 attendees from over 100 countries worldwide so we had to use the biggest venues available in Tallinn. An opening ceremony in Saku Suurhall, a 3 day conference in Kalevi Spordihall, events in Tondiraba Icehall and gala dinner in huge Tallink Tennis Centre – it surely was a challenge but we made it well.

Full event technical solutions 

Event planning, infrastrufture from toilets to wardrobe, from furniture to catering, from security to cleaning, from sound to light, from stage to backstage – we know it all and work out high quality technical solutions with the minimum spend.

If producing events isn´t your daily job don´t mess with it – we´ve seen events ended with a catastrophy just because they were´t produced for the right capacity or with keeping in mind the venue´s technical possibilities, requirements. There are very many reasons why some events fail but most often it´s because of lack of knowledge. Trust the proffessionals!

Others about us

JCI World Congress team and I are extremely grateful for Andrius Videnski and his Macadam Music Agency / Macadam Group OÜ for the cooperation and technical project management to host Estonia’s largest conference for 4100 people from 103 countries.

Andrius’ calm manner of talking and doing things and his professionalism is highly appreciated and he is a wonderful person to work with. We are very happy that we chose to work with his company and how smoothly everything went.

Kai Kuusik-Greenbaum
2019 JCI World Congress Director

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