Custom made shows

Impress your customers and offer them something special!

We love to create and think outside the box. Over the years there have been dozens of special events which have required a unique programme – an entertainment no-one has seen before. It´s always in challenge but when having a very wide network of artists worldwide anything is possible. 

Unique, never seen before program at your event

We bring musicians, art, design, innovation and technology together and create unique programm solutions for your event – custom made shows that impress you and your clients. Whether it´s for public events or private parties, a short opening ceremony or a full length special concert our custom made shows with creative collaborations can deliver!

For almost any event really, think of creating that wow factor for your clients, they deserve it!

Some clients we have worked out creative entertainment solutions, custom made shows in the past include Tallink, Lexus, Pirita District Administration, Porsche, Ollesummer Festival, Disco Tallinn, Ernst & Young, Club Vabank, Club Sugar and others.

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